Gettin’ ready for softball season by talkin’ about practice, man.  Talkin’. About. Practice.

“1. As a child she was obsessed with Jeff Goldblum.”

9 Things We’ve Learnt About Alexa Chung (And Now Love Her All The More For) | Marie Claire

Okay. Seriously. This is just about the end of this nonsense. Alexa, just admit it - you secretly want to be me.

Warren G - Regulate ft. Nate Dogg (by WarrenGVEVO)

To this day, I still can’t believe they takin’ Warren’s wealth.

I have taken to calling my appendectomy wounds “Edith”, “Sybil”, and “Mary”. I’m absolutely sure it has nothing to do with my eye rolling over the unending melodrama that is “Downton Abbey”.

This is important.

“Platform shoes are vile – they’re so wrong for the silhouette and make the most beautiful legs look wrong.”

And speaking of Hall & Oates

They’ll be here in STL on May 6th!  In true fashion, I’ll be on a show in Punta Cana.  Yes, Punta Cana at an all-inclusive resort right on the white sandy beach, but c’mon!  It’s Hall & Oates.  This conflict is bummin’ me out.

Natalia Kills sings “Daddy’s Girl” which starts with Hall & Oates’ “Rich Girl”. Uh. My heart? You’ve won it.

(by TheKevinhoL VEVO)

Iggy Azalea - Fancy (Explicit) ft. Charli XCX (by iggyazaleamusicVEVO)
“Clueless” lives!

I’m about to spend $240 on dust mite covers for my newly diagnosed allergy and I wish it was on pudding.

Punta Cana morning. And yeah, there’s no filter.