Ferry trip home.

General Disarray

You guys! Now fan available!

Advertisement for my life.

retneC tekraM cilbuP.

Progressive dinner part three. (post crab legs and pop into the Four Seasons’ ladies room)

Exactly how I encourage life to be - flee with your insufferable children to the restrooms, please.

Seattle Space Needle Sunset Spectacular, now showing nightly

Looking out Erin’s window for Stephen Holder. Please send all tips my way. #BreakfastBurritos

Southwest supplied G&Ts from DEN to SEA while watching highlights from the Katy Perry concert. #HowWeDo

My work friends really get me. Giant balloons, egg sandwich, tees about hating running, curse-laden cards, wine, and banana pudding. I love you guys.

Meet my new Jawbone UP24. His name’s Harry Flugelman in keeping with my tradition of naming all my tech after “Three Amigos” quotes. Should I not meet my goals, I get to say “you hit Harry Flugelman on a bad day.”